Fun and Iconic Spots on Your Way to the Hamptons

Fun and Iconic Spots on Your Way to the Hamptons

By |Published On: July 26, 2023|

The Quogue Club at Hallock House is an elegant boutique hotel and club nestled in the heart of Quogue, New York. Our guests and members all enjoy the privilege of getting acquainted with the natural beauty, culture, and vibrancy of our surrounding areas.

The Hamptons, famed for their elegant homes, quaint, historic towns and villages and world-renowned beaches, are more than just summer retreats for the elite; they’re a treasure trove of fun and iconic spots waiting to be explored. Let us take you on a short journey through five gems on the route to Quogue, places that will immerse you in the local culture, history and landscapes… plus some great shopping and eating!

Peter Luger Steak House

Peter Luger Steak House

Our first stop is the legendary Peter Luger Steak House. Located in Great Neck, just a 45 minute drive east of Manhattan on the way to (or from) Quogue, Peter Luger Steak House is a legendary, old-school steak house that has been a go-to favorite of New Yorkers since 1887. Known for its exquisite, dry-aged beef, grilled in butter, it enjoys international fame and clientele.

Here, the steaks are not just food— they’re an experience. Prime cuts, selected for their superior quality, are dry-aged in-house under tightly controlled conditions to achieve unparalleled flavor and tenderness. Featured in gourmet documentaries and books, their process is more art than science and the results speak for themselves. Be sure to order the bacon slab and tomato and onion salad, smothered in their famous sauce. And if you’re still hungry, their pecan pie “mit schlag” is best of class. But remember– cash only folks!

Address: 255 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NY 11021, United States
Instagram: @peterlugersteakhouse

Bethpage State Park Driving Range

Bethpage State Park Golf Course

A haven for golf enthusiasts, the Bethpage State Park Driving Range is next on our list. Tucked into Farmingdale, this complex is home to five 18-hole golf courses, including the world-renowned Bethpage Black. The driving range itself, accommodating up to 72 golfers, is a top-notch facility where both novice and seasoned players can practice their swing while soaking in the tranquil ambiance.

In addition to golf, Bethpage State Park offers a myriad of recreational activities. Its winding trails invite hikers and bikers to explore the verdant landscapes, while its polo field and tennis courts offer more sporting enjoyment. A day at Bethpage is not merely a day of golf—it’s an opportunity to connect with nature in a picturesque setting.

Address: 99 Quaker Meetinghouse Road, Farmingdale, NY 11735
Instagram: @bethpagegolf

Old Westbury Gardens

Old Westbury Gardens

Moving on to a spot that marries grandeur with botanical beauty, we arrive at the Old Westbury Gardens. This historic site in Old Westbury, once the former Phipps family estate, showcases a Charles II-style mansion surrounded by 200 acres of meticulously landscaped gardens and woodlands.

Stepping into Old Westbury Gardens is like stepping back in time. Visitors can meander through the formal gardens, each one as enchanting as the next, tour the mansion filled with fine English antiques and artwork, or attend special events and workshops that keep the historical narrative alive. It’s a tranquil oasis that showcases the golden age of Long Island’s North Shore.

Address: 71 Old Westbury Rd, Old Westbury, NY 11568, United States
Instagram: @oldwestburygardens

Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle

Next we travel to Oheka Castle in Huntington. This majestic early 20th-century estate, the second-largest private home in America, is perched on the highest point of Long Island, offering breathtaking views.

The castle is more than a stunning testament to the opulence of the Gilded Age. It’s also home to a luxurious hotel and a popular venue for lavish weddings and events. Even if you’re not planning a grand celebration, you can tour the castle, roam its spectacular gardens, or enjoy a gourmet lunch in the estate’s fine dining restaurant. A visit to Oheka Castle is to be swept away into a world of historical grandeur and luxury.

Address: 135 W Gate Dr, Huntington, NY 11743, United States
Instagram: @ohekacastle

Tanger Mall Factory Outlets

Tanger Outlets Riverhead

No trip to Quogue and the Hamptons should overlook the exceptional shopping opportunities available throughout the north and south forks, but a great first stop on your way to the Quogue Club should be the Tanger Mall, just 20 minutes’ drive from the Quogue Club. This extensive complex of factory outlet stores features virtually every major retail brand imaginable, from Ralph Lauren to Williams Sonoma, Coach, GAP, Restoration Hardware and more. All at bargain prices! The perfect stop for back-to-school shopping or anytime you’re looking for great sales and quality items at every turn.

A Word About the Long Island Expressway, Northern and Southern State Parkways

William Floyd Estate

While the much-maligned Long Island Expressway (LIE) can become extremely busy during rush hours, there are numerous alternative routes to take east from Manhattan, including the Northern State and Sounthern State Parkways (the latter of which folds into Rt. 27, a fourlane expressway that goes all the way to Southampton. Best times to travel east on any of these routes is mid- to-late morning and after 8p. If you do find yourself stuck in a traffic quagmire on the way, it’s a good opportunity to get off the freeway for a tour of some of wonderful sites mentioned above and here: eg. the beautiful William Floyd Estate, an expansive 613-acre plot brimming with history and nature or the Long Island Game Farm, off LIE exit 70, a delightful outing for families.

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Embarking on a journey to the Hamptons offers an opportunity to dive into the history, culture, tastes and sheer beauty of Long Island. From mouth watering steaks at Peter Luger to the opulent halls of Oheka Castle, these top spots are a testament to the diversity of experiences the journey to the Hamptons has to offer. Each destination promises a unique and unforgettable encounter, adding to the magic and allure of your time in the Hamptons.